MAVIS 2000

Description: The Mavis 2000 is designed to be the ultimate practice and tournament shuttlecock for club players.
Item Code: M-2000
Speeds: Slow, Medium, Fast

When smashed, a MAVIS shuttlecock recovers in only 0.02 seconds. This performance is just 0.005 seconds slower than a YONEX Feather shuttlecock and 0.008 seconds faster than the recovery of an ordinary shuttlecock.

Recovery Time (MAVIS)

Players should always use the shuttlecocks best suited to the playing environment. The hardness of the skirt – the feather part of the nylon shuttlecock – varies depending on temperature. In the cold, as the skirt becomes hard, it is prone to breaking. In the hot, the skirt becomes softer and less likely to break, but the feel at impact is affected by the softer skirt.

YONEX manages product quality by categorising MAVIs into 3 temperatures. Please ensure that you choose the shuttlecock best suited to the playing environment.

Playing Conditions (MAVIS)

Shuttlecocks should be stored away from high temperatures and the tube kept upright with the cork side of the shuttlecock facing down.


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